Because I'm trusty. Trust me. I'm trustworthy.

Dane Dehaan photographed by Terry Richardson


I got an answer

JESSE EISENBERG: People on the street say mean things to me.
JESSE EISENBERG: I get called Napoleon Dynamite because I have curly hair. I live in New York City and I ride a bicycle. I always bike down 9th Avenue and there’s this kid who goes to school there named Abraham. Every time I pass him, he calls me Napoleon Dynamite. He screams it out and his friends laugh. That was a fine movie but I wasn’t in it.
INTERVIEWER: What do you say back?
JESSE EISENBERG: I say, “Please, Abraham, I’m not that man.”


you wanna fight? alright let’s take this outside! the stars are so bright tonight. the moon looks so nice. hold my hand

Dane DeHaan and Anna Wood at the Sundance Festival (01-21-14)



Daniel Radcliffe at the Toronto premiere of The F Word/What If

Anna Faris and actor Chris Pratt attend the premiere of Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ at the Dolby Theatre on July 21, 2014 in Hollywood, California.


"That time I yelled "Now be a boy band!" And Michael C Hall did this… Because he’s awesome."

Photographer Caitlin Kronenberg, shooting at TIFF 2013